Today’s WTF Wednesday is brought to you by the good folks at Hygh Candy.

With a paltry 58 subscribers (as of this posting), it’s a damn shame because these folks are doing God’s work – particularly if God was a sick, twisted old fuck who enjoyed watching rednecks elect pussy-grabbing, orange anuses into political office.

Okay, not quite what I was envisioning but close…

This video is 16 minutes and 59 seconds of visual sugar – whether you’re smoked out of your mind or not. Starting with the psychedelic after school special Weed Man, followed by a sexy, slowed version of Missey Elliot’s Work It (my go-to karaoke track), all the way to the trippy Secret of Nimh meets School House Rock short.

Even in fantasy land, you still have to pick up after your dog.

My favorite part of the video is this brief interlude into how to meditatively massage your aardvark, or possum or whatever the fuck that thing is. Fuck, I don’t know. It looks like a giant rat with an anxiety disorder to me.


I could go on and on but I don’t want to rob you of the pure goodness of this psychedelic deliciousness.

This also happens for some reason.

So get out your penis-shaped bongs and your Funyuns and enjoy Hygh Candy Vol 1. And don’t forget to do the cool thing and subscribe and share this post with your friends. Because friends don’t let friends NOT waste their time on this website.

Enjoy you filthy animals.