We here at B-Movie Brunette Industries, Inc. are always looking for ways to class it up. Life is so much more than psychosexual expressions of flatulence (see Zombie Ass) and confusing tentacle porn. Plus, we have the attention span of a hamster so anything short and traumatizing is right up our alley.

Spend enough time on YouTube and you’ll eventually run into the dark side of the internet, where recluse artists sit quietly with an Adobe subscription and an internet connection to make art for stupid, lowly swine such as ourselves.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll get a taste of something truly WTF. So, it is in that vein that I present to you Alessandro Bavari’s METACHAOS.


Travel down the pulsating brickwork of a lego vagina into the free space of birth and antigravity; life remains perpetually suspended in the moment just after launching off the high dive board. There’s a free falling and prismatic innocence that is peaceful and hollow.

Sounds of distant, rhythmic marching boast the onslaught of a new world order and soon, everything turns into a tremulous maelstrom of electricity and violent veins. The Earth is swept up in the pulsation of chaos and technical music. It’s as if the meningococcal virus sprouted limbs and a taste for death metal.

This is Alessandro Bavari’s expression on the state of affairs of the world.

METACHAOS is a multidisciplinary visual project, which is divided into a short film, in a series of photographs and paintings in mixed media (still in progress).
The project stems from the desire to represent the most tragic aspects of the human race and its motions, such as wars, madness, social change and hatred.

Granted, it’s a battle cry mired in cliché and platitude, but we here at BMB don’t give a shit. We adore when the artistically inclined once again try to rip us a new one. The world around us is falling apart and yet we sit in our cubicles trying to figure out why that spreadsheet we were editing five minutes ago is now a read-only file, or why Jamba Juice is making us fat.

COAX SHARING THE BIG SHIT or – as I call it – smoothie bars of the future!

If you’re a devoted fan of the Silent Hill game or movie series, you’ll recognize some similarities and instantly understand how all that is calm and serene cannot stay that way. However, there’s a terrifying exhilaration in METACHAOS and I encourage anyone to explore more by visiting the artist’s website.


In the mean time, throw me some comments or a link to even more WTF Wednesday clips, if you’ve got ’em.

Until next time…